About Stable of Artists


This is what we are all about...

Where do you go, if you want to buy art? If you want to decorate your home, or if you want to buy a present that is unique and will stimulate you for years?

How do you start your career as a professional artists? When you have completed the first stage of your education and training, when you have found your métier – how do you actually find collectors, so you could live as a professional artists?

Why are everyone talking about Nordic cuisine, Nordic design and Nordic noir – when the real aesthetic revolution is taking place within Nordic fine arts?

These questions had been haunting us for years. And Stable of Artists is our answer to these questions.

Stable of artists is an online platform and gallery for professional artists. Our stable consists of some of the most promising artists on the Nordic art scene. We have collected some of their pivotal works on our platform. Our collection is renewed frequently.

We have made it easy for art collectors and art buyers to gain an overview and to find just the right piece of art. Start by browsing our digital gallery. Reach our to artists and start a dialogue. Visit their workshops. Or follow our pop up exhibitions.