Anne Sofie Meldgaard

Photo by Jesper Westley

Photo by Jesper Westley


Current/ Upcoming Exhibition

Untill 5th. of August 2018: Safari, Himmerlands Museum of Fine Art, Aars, Dk.
2018: Holkahesten Gudhjem Museum. Gudhjem, Dk
2019: Guest at Koloristerne, Den Frie. Cph. Dk


Artist biography

I do oilpainting. The classic stilleben as my main motif, but in a personal interpretation.”  I love to paint, and I love that I still love doing it after almost 30 years of practice. I look at my flowers and plants as fantasy flowers. I create them in my mind and bring the flowers to life directly on the canvas.” My flowers in pots can be looked upon as state of minds, or drifting boats, or containers of life. 

Parallel with the painting, I also do work on paper. I rip out pages from whatever magazines or papers I have in hand and use some left over paint to add on the magazine papers. The method and materials are simple, the result is an esthetic and emotional expression.

Another track of work is the ceramics. Here I strive to model simple and clumsy looking sculptures in glazed stoneware. 


About Anne Sofie Meldgaard

By Peter Land

Anne Sofie Meldgaard exhibits a rare, unhierarchical view upon the world in her paintings. With Anne Sofie Meldgaard everything is interpreted through a purely painterly filter. As an observer, I am not at any time allowed to forget that I am looking at a painting. An impastose painting applied with sections of colour. Only then do I realise that the outset for this is an open sandwich with sausage, a bunch of flowers or a construction of Legos. In her work, Anne Sofie Meldgaard exhibits a catching passion for material substance. In her paintings colour does not only serve as a coloring matter; but also as a substance: an impastose mass, which is applied, almost sculpturally, to the canvas. As an observer I am allowed to take part in the painting process and experience the innocent joy when one colour meets another and magic arises. 

If Anne Sofie Meldgaard’s paintings on a formal level are lively, almost dramatic, her choices of image are taken from everyday life; children’s toys, open sandwiches and other bits and bobs from the ordinary weekday.



Anne Sofie Meldgaard is on Instagram as @anne.sofie.meldgaard


Works by Anne Sofie Meldgaard



Anne Sofie Meldgaard, Born 1974, Seoul, Korea.
Lives and works on the danish island Bornholm in the Baltic Sea.


1994-2000: The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, Cph. Denmark.
1998: The Royal Academy of Fine Art, Stockholm, Sweden. 
1994: Krabbesholm Højskole for Fine Art, Archeture and Design, Skive, Denmark.


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2018: Safari, Himmerlands Museum of Fine Art, Aars, Denmark.
2017: Goddess, Huset for Kunst og Design, Holstebro, Denmark.
2014: Oase, Bornholms Museum of Fine Art, Rø, Denmark.
2014: Oase, Randers Museum of Fine Art, Randers, Denmark.
2013: Green, Bie & Vadstrup Galleri, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2011: 1000 Karat, Bie & Vadstrup Galleri, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2005: Hjem, Randers Museum of Fine Art, Randers, Denmark.
2001: Mono, Danske Grafikers Hus, Copenhagen, Denmark.


Selected Group Exhibitions

2017: Holkahesten, Gudhjem Museum, Denmark.
2016: Svends Bibliotek, NYT KAPITEL, Museumsbygningen. Copenhagen, Denmark.
2015: Summertime, Gallery Christoffer Egelund, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2015: Charlotte Fogh Gallery , Århus, Denmark.
2014: Artfair Art Herning, ,rep. by Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Århus, Denmark.
2013: Wintershow , Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Århus, Denmark.
2012: Holkahesten, Gudhjem Museum, Gudhjem,, Denmark.
2011: En Fortegnet Virkelighed. Nick Clifford Contemporary, Vejle, Denmark.
2009: Real/Fiction, Nick Clifford Contemporary, Vejle, Denmark.
2009: Guld og grønne skove, Gallery Bie &Vadstrup, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2009: Paintspace 8, Rundetårn, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2009: 33 Bøger; Palles Børnebørn, Clausens Kunsthandel, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2008: Phoenix-revisited, Kunsthallen, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2008: Art Fair, Art Copenhagen, Forum, rep. Larm Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2006: Kunst Zürich, Art Fair, rep. by Larm Gallry, Switzerland.
2005: Synchron-Berlin, Schmidt Galerie, Berlin, Germany.
2005: 2nd International Collage Exhibition; Galery Kaire Desine, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2000: Exit 2000, Graduation Exhibition, Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand, Copenhagen, Denmark.
1999: Forårsudstillingen, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark.
1998: Paintspace, Gallery Phoenix, Copenhagen, Denmark.
1998: Graduation Exhibition, The Royal Academy of Fine Art, Stockholm, Sweden.
1996: Smile Now, Cry Later, Turbinehallerne, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Ornamentation Task: 

2017: Recieved from The Danish Arts Foundation for Hans Rømer Public School, Årkirkeby, Denmark.

Scholarships & Foundation support

2000: Det 2-årige Igangsætterstipendium, The Danish Arts Foundation.
2002: BG-Foundation, Artist in Residence Skagen, BG-Foundation.
1998: Exhange Scholarship, Nordplus Scholarship.
2018: Produkstionsstøtte, The Danish Arts Foundation.