Billy Ward


Current exhibitions

Andersen & Maillard Coffee Roasters. Norrebro, Copenhagen, DK
Ancestrale Vinbar. Vesterbro, Copenhagen, DK
Cupenhague. Norrebro, Copenhagen, DK

About me

“I work a lot with music, transforming the senses that are kindled from sound into visual form."

I am an artist and sommelier living in Copenhagen. My painting practice is abstract-expressionism with a focus on synesthesia. Broadly speaking this is the experience of one sense creating another sense. In my process, for example, I work a lot with music, transforming the senses that are kindled from sound into visual form. The imagery in the resulting paintings arise from an overall response to an audible language combined with the memory and emotion that it evokes, ultimately creating an abstract landscape or blue print of an event.

I like to work with specific projects, setting myself a brief and working with it until I feel it is complete. Often these projects may only require 8-10 pieces for its final showing, though, like a musician and their songs for an album, I may produce as many as 30-40 works before deciding which collection to choose for the final cut. There is no time limit with these projects. Some take only a few days to finish whilst others several months.

On paper I work with high pigment acrylic paint along with varying mediums to produce what I am experiencing from a particular sensory experience with both brush and printing methods. On canvas I enjoy bleeding ink mixed with varnishes to create a layered background on top of which I apply heavy-duty gloss paint. The end result created often has great depth and form to it from what is essentially only two layers. I am intrigued with the simplicty of this application and what it can produce - seemingly on most occasions less is definitely more.


Works by Billy Ward



2006 - 2009 Gallery Technician at  Alan Cristea Gallery, Pall Mall, London, UK.

2002 - 2005 BA (HONS) degree in Fine Art, specialising in Painting. University of Plymouth, UK.

2000 - 2001 A-Level Art. Northamptonshire Grammar School, UK.

1999  Night Painting Workshop with Kurt Jackson, Cornwall, UK.

1998  Abstract Painting Workshop with Anthony Frost, Cornwall, UK.