Mette Braüner



2018: (July – September): ANONYMOUS DRAWINGS 2018 / ANONYME ZEICHNER 2018, Gallerie im Körnerpark, Berlin-

2019: (April) Mette Braüner: 'min ven og min ven', Pakhus 64, Aarhus

2019: (October) Mette Braüner: SOLO, KH7artspace, Aarhus


Artist bio

Mine værker på SOA´s Efterårsudstilling tager primært afsæt i et foto fra min mormors vitrineskab. 

Når jeg maler, arbejder jeg som oftest med anker i et sted af betydning. Dette sted har som regel betydning pga. de vigtige relationer, jeg forbinder med det. 

Jeg udstiller også pauseværker. Et pauseværk er for mig ét, hvor jeg i frembringelsen af det har holdt pause fra mit vanlige afsæt. 

Disse to skiftevise rammer for min arbejdsproces, henholdsvis at forvalte et klart defineret udgangspunkt og at arbejde mere frit, skaber på hver sin måde grobund for udvikling i mit kunstneriske virke og udtryk. 

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in shapes, colours, lines and aesthetics.

I work as a psychologist. But during my studies at the university, I soon felt the urge to stay true to my passion for making and creating. I temporarily transferred from Psychology to the School of Architecture, and rulers quickly overtook my worktable. I soon realised that in order to create and make work, I needed a different and more appropriate set up. I completed my studies at Aarhus Art Academy in 2015. I have a studio in Aarhus, Denmark, and I am part of the artist community KH7.

Painting is my main medium, the one I always return to, also when I temporarily explore and work with other materials and ways of expression. I do abstract painting, but figurative recognisable elements are often embedded within the work as well, these elements might allude to something more concrete.

I seek the good painting, to create a visual experience, which embraces both balance and chaos. I push towards this insistently, with patience, impatience, open senses and a critical gaze. 

When I paint, I often take point of departure in one or more photos from a place of significance, most often a place that relates to important people in my life. I continuously adapt the same starting point, hence many of my pieces spring from the same source, but they translate into different visual expressions. To use the same point of departure stretching over a longer period of time, works both as a type of hindrance and a frame for my working process. To continue reworking the same again and again, further develops my painterly expression.

This way of working resonates with a more basic approach to life, in which I experience that staying involved with things of importance, labouring at it, emphasizes exactly this importance, which is not nearly as present in things that are more random. Even though, randomness and pauses are valuable in their own way – in art as well as in life. 


Works by Mette Braüner

Practical information.
Purchased pieces can be collected from my studio. Alternatively I can arrange to have them shipped. It is possible to borrow pieces for up to three weeks, in order for the customer to better decide whether to buy a piece or not.



Mette Braüner. Born in 1980. Lives and works in Aarhus, Denmark


2015: Visual Artist, Aarhus Kunstakademi / Aarhus Art Academy, Denmark.
2011: Cand. Psych., Aarhus University, Denmark


Group Exhibitions.

2018: ART BY NUMBERS, KH7artspace, Aarhus.
2018: Mette Braüner og Mogens Gissel: ’Dengang & Nu’ (’Back then & Now’), KH7 artspace, Aarhus.
2017: ’Zone’, KH7artspace, Aarhus.
2015 ’Ediths Køkken’ (Edith´s Kitchen), Graduation Exhibition, Fussingø Slot, Randers.
2015: ’Ediths Køkken’ (Edith´s Kitchen), Graduation Exhibition, Aarhus Kunstakademi / Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts.
2015 ’Ind i skabet / Artist books / 200 kunstnere’, Bakkehus Museet, Frederiksberg C.
2015 ’Ud af skabet / pop-up udstilling / 200 kunstnere, Nivaagaards Malerisamling, Nivaa.
2014 ’Lige i skabet / Artist books / 200 kunstnere, Svends Bibliotek, Copenhagen.
2014 ’Out There’ kunst i det offentlige rum, Aarhus Kunstakademi / Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts.
2014/2013/2010/2009: Sommerudstilling (Summer Exhibition), Aarhus Kunstakademi / Aarhus Academy og Fine Arts

Solo Exhibitions.

2013: ’Imellem sted og abstraktion’ (’Between Place and Abstraction’), Projektrummet, Aarhus Kunstakademi / Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts.

Juried Exhibitions.

2013: Kunstnernes Sommerudstilling, Janusbygningen, Tistrup.
2016: Kunstnernes Påskeudstilling, Kunsthal Aarhus, Aarhus.


2018: Tækker AIR Berlin, Berlin.


2016: Statens Kunstfond / Danish Arts Foundation.
2016: Kulturudviklingspuljen, Aarhus Kommune.
2017: Statens Kunstfond / Danish Arts Foundation.
2018: Statens Kunstfond / Danish Arts Foundation.
2018: Kulturudviklingspuljen, Aarhus Kommune

Of trust.

2016-2017: Bord of Directors, KP - Kunstnernes Påskeudstilling, Aarhus