Thomas Juul-Jensen

Thomas Juul-Jensen at his studio in Trastevere, Rome.

Thomas Juul-Jensen at his studio in Trastevere, Rome.

About Thomas Juul-Jensen.

Alone & Together is usually the curating theme of my exhibitions.
Alone or Together are the two options I have with the subject matter, as a figurative artist.
Sex, spaces and the starkness of the image are of interest to my work.
Political, religious and provocative statements are not of interest to my work.

“He has own unique style”! This was the report card comment from Thomas’ art teacher when he attended primary school in Ireland, and he has tried to live up to that ever since. Born into a Danish family, he left Ireland at the age of 17 just like his art hero, Francis Bacon.

Doing a reverse Michelangelo, Thomas decided that architecture was to be the starting point of his art career. Learning how to design a museum and understanding the possibilities of the ‘wall’ would benefit his art and curating skills later on.

The first year of architecture school involved lectures about staging an object and reading books such as ‘Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance”. Life drawing subjects during exchange semesters lay the foundation for his interest in the human body within his art. His studies also involved a life-changing field trip to study the Sydney Opera House and an apprenticeship with his architecture hero, Bjarke Ingels. During his BIG internships in both Copenhagen and New York, Thomas acquired more knowledge than five years of architecture school combined.

After living and working in Lucca for the past year and a half, Thomas recently moved to Rome (Trastevere), where he shares a studio with six other artists and dedicates himself 100% to his art and studio life!

Works by Thomas Juul-Jensen

Current Physical Gallery Spaces

CUB Coffee Bar, Strandlodsvej 48, 2300 Copenhagen (click to see location in Google Maps)

CUB Coffee Bar, Strandlodsvej 48, 2300 Copenhagen (click to see location in Google Maps)

CUB Coffee Bar, Boldhusgade 6, 1062 Copenhagen (click to see location in Google Maps)

CUB Coffee Bar, Boldhusgade 6, 1062 Copenhagen (click to see location in Google Maps)

Important information for buyers.

All works are original and are to be bought framed. Prices are incl. framing with UV museum glass from Kjærullf & Tietze. For mounting in frame, I use Oliebladsgade 6 in Copenhagen, Denmark. (Shipment from Italy to my framer is also included in the price.)

The works can be transported from the framer in Amager to other areas of Denmark/world with only the actual shipping cost and insurance cost added. Contact me for details. 

Art works can also be purchased directly at my studio in Rome, Italy. Contact me beforehand, if you wish to arrange a studio meeting.

CUB Coffeebar, Boldhusgade 6 and Strandlodsvej 48 in Copenhagen, Denmark are good spaces to view a selection of my artwork. Works bought located at the CUB, can be collected there only with forehand agreement between artist and buyer.

Some works might be used for an exhibiton while for sale. So please always contact me before buying. That way, I can give you the details of how and when and work out the sale in a way that suits you best. 



'Tomasso' Kulturhus Kappelborg, Skagen, Denmark  19.05.18 - 17.06.18
Blitz. CUB Coffee Bar Copenhagen, Denmark 10.11.17
Oil_Gold_Coal. Olio su Tavola Lucca, Italy 08.09.17 – 28.09.17
Portraits of Lucca. Rosforth & Rosforth Copenhagen, Denmark 20.05.17 – 27.05.17
Room of Instincts.  Spazio LUM Lucca, Italy 08.10.16 – 09.10.16


International Baccalaureate. Kolding Gymnasium
Architect M.Arch. Aarhus School of Architecture
BIG, Bjarke Ingels Group. Copenhagen internship (1 year), New York, New York internship (6months)
Univeristy of Technology Sydney, Architecture School, Exchange semester Masters
University of Sydney, Architecture School, Exchange semester Bachelor with life drawing as a elective subject
Aarhus Art School (Life drawing as main subject). Preparation for the architecture school admission exam.